1.1. Getting Started

When you access the Coil CMS app, you first need to log in by using your username and password, which were provided by the administrator. The first thing you should do is visiting the Account page and change your password to secure your account.

When you are done securing your account, you can start working.

On the Index page, there are two sections: Posts and Pages. You can create new posts or edit existing ones. Depending on the permissions you were given by the administrator, you may or may not be able to edit posts created by other users — this may cause an empty list to be displayed. If you can see posts by others, but would like to hide them, use the buttons on the top of the page to switch between display modes.

Each post displays Edit and Delete buttons, which can be used to alter contents.

After performing changes, you need to Rebuild the page in order to make them visible to the world. Sometimes, you may not be able to perform a rebuild yourself and may need the assistance of someone else. Please check with your organization for more information.