1.3. Editing posts


You need the “can edit others’ posts” permission to edit posts of other users. You can always edit your own posts.

The Edit view lets you make modifications to posts.

The topmost field is the title of the post. You can always change it. Remember that the post URL will not change, as it is set in stone during post creation.

The next line features four fields: date, author, tags and category.


Post author may be changed only if you have the “transfer post authorship” permission.

Tags are comma-separated. A post can have only one category. Many date formats are accepted. The default format used is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss UTC±hh:mm, (the last element being the timezone) but if you fill in your own format, it will usually work.

The next line is the editor toolbar (which also features the Save button). Underneath it, the post content is displayed in a box. You can edit it in any way you like. The editor handles formatting for you, but you can click the </> button to edit the HTML source.